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Honeywell Master Logic PLC

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P/N#: ML200R, ML200


MasterLogic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a modular, scalable rack-based industrial controller delivering powerful performance in a control application. It is applied in various processing applications in industries such as oil and gas, steel, cement, power, food and beverage and delivers a blend of power, performance and efficiency.

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​MasterLogic PLC is a pocket-sized industrial logic controller powered by a high-speed processor. It can operate in a standalone manner, in a peer-to-peer environment, or in a SCADA topology with Experion® HS. It features a wide range of components (the CPU, power supplies, discrete and analog, I/O modules, network modules, and racks) which are available in different modules to suit many different applications.

​MasterLogic PLC takes information from various sensors and uses it to control different machines. A reliable processor makes it intrinsically powerful, and all program instructions are executed at a high speed of 42 ns/step. A dedicated Ethernet-based I/O bus controller supplements the main processor in I/O refresh to achieve high speed scanning, and its redundancy feature ensure high availability, especially for critical applications. Available with standard functions, it also supports creation of new or user-defined functions. It works in a loop-based, user-defined program where it waits for input and output at predefined intervals, and can perform self-diagnostics for system errors and trouble shooting. Built on open network standards, this programmable logic controller is integrated with the Experion platform.

The superior performance of MasterLogic PLC enables faster discrete and sequencing control, while saving space and operations costs with its small and compact modular size.

2MLK-CPUS Max. I/O: 3,072Pts, 32kstep Programming, non-IEC, Standard
2MLK-CPUH Max. I/O: 6,144Pts, 64kstep Programming, non-IEC, High Perf.
2MLI-CPUS Max. I/O: 3,072Pts, 640KB Program Memory, IEC, Standard
2MLI-CPUS/P Max. I/O: 768Pts, 640KB Program Memory, IEC, Standard, Redundant P/S
2MLI-CPUH Max. I/O: 6,144Pts, 3.5MB Program Memory, IEC, High Perf.
2MLI-CPUU Max. I/O: 6,144Pts, 4M Program Memory, IEC,  Enhanced
2MLP-ACF1 Free Voltage(110V,220V) / DC5V, 3A, DC24V,0.6A
2MLP-ACF2 Free Voltage(110V,220V) / DC5V, 6A
2MLP-AC23 AC220V / DC5V, 8.5A
2MLP-DC42 DC24V / DC5V
2MLB-M04A Main Base 4 slot
2MLB-M06A Main Base 6 slot
2MLB-M08A Main Base 8 slot
2MLB-M12A Main Base 12 slot
2MLB-E04A Extension Base 4 slot
2MLB-E06A Extension Base 6 slot
2MLB-E08A Extension Base 8 slot
2MLB-E12A Extension Base 12 slot
2MLC-E041 Length 0.4m
2MLC-E061 Length 0.6m
2MLC-E121 Length 1.2m
2MLC-E301 Length 3.0m
2MLC-E501 Length 5.0m
2MLC-E102 Length  10m
2MLC-E152 Length  15m
2MLT-TERA Extension Baseboard Terminator (Resistance)
2MLR-CPUH/F Max. I/O:23,808Pts., Redundant CPU, FO
2MLR-CPUH/S Max. I/O:23,808Pts., Redundant CPU, FO, Single Mode
2MLR-CPUH/T Max. I/O:23,808Pts., Redundant CPU, TP
2MLR-AC12 Redundant Power 110V, 5.5A
2MLR-AC22 Redundant Power 220V, 5.5A
2MLR-AC13 Redundant Power 110V, 8.5A
2MLR-AC23 Redundant Power 220V, 8.5A
2MLR-DC42 Redundant Power DC24V, 7.5A
2MLR-M02P Main Base 2 slot
2MLR-M06P Main Base 6 slot
2MLR-E08P Expansion Base 8 slot
2MLR-E12P Expansion Base 12 slot
2MLR-E12H Redundant Expansion Base 12 slot
2MLR-DBST Expansion Driver, TP
2MLR-DBSF Expansion Driver, FO
2MLR-DBSH Expansion Driver, TP/FO
2MLR-DBSFS Expansion Driver, FO, Single Mode
2MLR-DBSHS Expansion Driver, TP/FO, Single Mode
2MLR-DBDT Expansion Driver, FO (dual)
2MLR-DBDF Expansion Driver, TP/FO (dual)
2MLR-DBDH Expansion Driver, TP (dual)
2MLR-DBDFS Expansion Driver, TP/FO (dual), Single Mode
2MLR-DBDHS Expansion Driver, TP (dual), Single Mode
2MLC-F201 Multimode Fiber Optic Cable, LC connector, 2.0m


2MLI-D21A 8Pts. DC24V Input (Sink/Source Type)
2MLI-D21D 8pts, DC24V input(Sink type),Input fail detection
2MLI-D22A 16Pts. DC24V Input (Sink/Source Type)
2MLI-D22B 16Pts. DC24V Input (Source Type)
2MLI-D24A 32Pts. DC24V Input (Sink/Source Type)
2MLI-D24B 32Pts. DC24V Input (Source Type)
2MLI-D28A 64Pts. DC24V Input (Sink/Source Type)
2MLI-D28B 64Pts. DC24V Input (Source Type)
2MLI-A12A 16Pts. AC110V Input
2MLI-A21A 8Pts. AC220V Input
2MLI-A21C 8Pts. AC110-220V Input, Isolated
2MLQ-RY1A 8Pts. Relay Output, 2A , 1Pts./COM
2MLQ-RY1D 8pts, Relay output, Output fail detection(wire breaking and detecting output circuit error internally)
2MLQ-RY2A 16Pts. Relay Output, 2A (5A/COM)
2MLQ-RY2B 16Pts. Relay Output, 2A , BuiVaristor
2MLQ-SS2A 16Pts. Triac Output, 1A
2MLQ-TR1C 8Pts. TR Output, 2A (Sink Type), Isolated
2MLQ-TR2A 16Pts. TR Output, 0.5A (Sink Type)
2MLQ-TR4A 32Pts. TR Output, 0.1A (Sink Type)
2MLQ-TR8A 64Pts. TR Output, 0.1A (Sink Type)
2MLQ-TR2B 16Pts. TR Output, 0.5A (Source Type)
2MLQ-TR4B 32Pts. TR Output, 0.1A (Source Type)
2MLQ-TR8B 62Pts. TR Output, 0.1A (Source Type)
2MLF-AV8A Voltage Input, 8channels
2MLF-AC8A Current Input, 8channels
2MLF-AD8A Voltage/Current Input, 8channels
2MLF-AD4S Voltage/Current Input, 4channels, Isolated
2MLF-AD16A Voltage/Current Input, 16channels
2MLF-AC4H HART Input, 4channels
2MLF-RD4A RTD Input, 4channels
2MLF-RD8A RTD Input, 8channels
2MLF-TC4S Thermocouple Input, 4channels, Isolated
2MLF-DV4A Voltage Output, 4channels
2MLF-DC4A Current Output, 4channels
2MLF-DC8A Current Output, 8channels
2MLF-DV8A Voltage Output, 8channels
2MLF-DC4S Current Output, 4channels, Isolated
2MLF-DC4H HART Output, 4channels
2MLF-HO2A Pulse Input, 2channels, Open Collector
2MLF-HD2A Pulse Input, 2channels, Line Drive
2MLF-SOEA Event Input SOE, 32 channels
2MLL-EFMTB Fast Ethernet, 100/100Mbps, RJ-45 (Electric)
2MLL-EFMFB Fast Ethernet, 100/100Mbps, SC Type (Fiber Optic)
2MLL-C22B Serial Communication, RS-232C 2channels
2MLL-C42B Serial Communication, RS-422 2channels
2MLL-CH2B Serial Communication, RS-232C/RS-422 (1ch each)
2MLL-PMEB Profibus, Master, 12Mbps, DP Standard
2MLL-PSEA Profibus, Slave Interface, DP standard
2MLL-PSRA Profibus, Remote Interface, DP standard - used on ML200 racks only
2MLL-DMEB DeviceNet, Master, 500kbps
2MLT-DMMA DUMMY Module for empty I/O slots
2MLR-DMMA DUMMY Module for empty power supply slots - used on ML200R only
USB-301A Engineering cable for Softmaster

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