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Controledge HC900 - SIL2 PLC

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P/N#: HC900


The ControlEdge™ HC900 process automation controller is an ideal control solution for user needs ranging from thermal control in boilers, furnaces, kilns, and dryers to unit processing in pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-fuel, pilot-plant and other applications. With its TUV certification, the ControlEdge HC900 safety system can be used in applications requiring SIL2 such as emergency shutdown (ESD), critical controls, burner management systems (BMS), pipeline monitoring, tunnel ventilation systems and other critical applications.

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The ControlEdge HC900, belonging to the ControlEdge 900 Platform, is an advanced process and logic controller with a modular, scalable design that is built to work with a wide range of process equipment in a cost-effective way. It comes with a touchscreen operator interface that makes it very easy to operate. The process and safety controller possesses a flexible architecture that can accommodate the most demanding application.

With its advanced features and versatile connectivity, it is capable of customized pinpoint control. The ControlEdge HC900 also simplifies the documentation process and eliminates filing errors.​


The modular, scalable ControlEdge HC900 process and safety controller is available in three rack sizes and three CPU performance levels to handle a wide range of automation requirements, providing users the flexibility of starting with what they need, and then expanding as desired. Its Windows-based designer software operates over Ethernet, making it easy to configure the logic controller and operator interface.

The touchscreen operator interface and user-friendly custom displays enable streamlined, intuitive operation, help eliminate errors, and provide improved data access and process supervision. This logic controller includes a selection of controller CPU modules, multiple I/O rack sizes and multiple local or remote I/O racks per system that provide flexibility. The logic controller also provides superior PID loop control and more robust analog processing than most logic controllers without compromising on logic performance.


The scalable design of ControlEdge HC900 process and safety controller reduces hardware and software costs, training and support needs, and the requirement for spares, thereby bringing significant cost savings to users.

The ControlEdge HC900 SIL2 system is an ideal fit for applications where plant and operations need to be quickly brought into safe state in case of adverse operating conditions. When paired with Experion HS, it can meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage industries that require advanced controller security and protection, change management and automated electronic record keeping capabilities.

Model Number

4 I/O Slot Rack 900R04-0200
8 I/O Slot Rack 900R08-0200
12 I/O Slot Rack 900R12-0200
8 Slot Rack -Red. Power 900R08R-0200
12 Slot Rack - Red. Power 900R12R-0200
Redundant Power Status Module 900PSM-0200
Remote I/O Rack  
I/O Scanner - 2 Port (1 per I/O rack) 900S75-0460
I/O Scanner (for remote rack) 900S50-0460
Power Supplies  
120/240VAC, 60W 900P01-0301
24Vdc, 60W Power Supply 900P24-0301
CPU Assemblies  
Controller C70 CPU Note 1 & 7 900C70-0460
Controller C50 CPU Note 1 & 7 900C50-0460
Controller C30 CPU Note 1 & 7 900C30-0460
Redundant Controller Rack and CPU  
Redundant CPU Rack 900RR0-0101
Redundant Controller C75 CPU Note 1 & 7 900C75-0460
Redundant Switch Module 900RSM-0200
Controller C70 CPU - SIL Note 1 & 7 900C70S-0460
Controller C50 CPU - SIL Note 1 & 7 900C50S-0460
Controller C30 CPU - SIL Note 1 & 7 900C30S-0460
Redundant Controller Rack  - SIL2 SAFETY SYSTEM  
Redundant CPU Rack 900RR0-0101
Redundant Controller C75 CPU-SIL Note 1 & 7 900C75S-0460
Redundant Switch Module 900RSM-0200
Remote I/O Rack - SIL2 SAFETY SYSTEM  
I/O Scanner - 2 Port (1 per I/O rack) - SIL 900S75S-0460
I/O Scanner  - 1 Port (1 per I/O rack) - SIL 900S50S-0460
Power Supplies - SIL2 SAFETY SYSTEM  
120/240VAC, 60W 900P01-0401
Power Supply 24VDC, 60W- SIL 900P24-0401
I/O Card Selections  
UIO SIL2 Assy, ControlEdge 900 Platform 900U02-0100
Analog Input  (8 channel) 900A01-0202
Analog Input Hi level (16ch) -100mS 900A16-0103
Analog Output, 0 to 20mA, (4 channel) 900B01-0301
Analog Outputs 0 to 20mA (8 channel, 5 modules/rack) 900B08-0202
Analog Outputs 0 to 20mA (16 channel, 2 modules per rack) 900B16-0202
Digital Input, Contact type, (16 channel) 900G01-0202
Digital Input, 24VDC (16 channel) 900G02-0202
Digital Input, 120/240 VAC, (16 channel) 900G03-0202
Digital Input, 120/240 VAC-125VDC, (16 channel Isolated) 900G04-0101
Digital Input, 24VDC (32 channel) 900G32-0101
Digital Output, Relays ( 8 channel) 900H01-0202
Digital Output, 24VDC (16 channel) 900H02-0202
Digital Output, 120/240 VAC (8 channel) 900H03-0202
Digital Output, 24VDC (32 channel) 900H32-0102
Pulse/Freq/Quad (4chan, 1Quad) (NOT FOR SIL2 SYSTEMS) 900K01-0201
Terminal Blocks, Cables, Jumpers NEW VER 6.0 MODEL NUMBER
Low VoltageTerminal Block (U.S.$ style) 900TEK-0200
Low VoltageTerminal Block (Barrier Style) 900TBK-0200
High VoltageTerminal Block (U.S.$ style) 900TER-0200
High Voltage Terminal Block (Barrier Style) 900TBR-0200
VoltageTerminal Block (36 channel) 900TCK-0200
Analog Input Remote Terminal Panel (RTP) 900RTA-L001
Relay Output Remote Terminal Panel (RTP) 900RTR-H001
DI, DO, AO, 16pt AI,  Remote Terminal Panel (RTP) 900RTS-0001
Low Voltage RTP Cable (1.0M, 3.28ft.) 900RTC-L210
Low Voltage RTP Cable (2.5M, 8.2ft.) 900RTC-L225
Low Votage RTP Cable (5.0M, 16.4ft.) 900RTC-L250
High Voltage RTP Cable (1.0M, 3.28ft.) 900RTC-H210
High Voltage RTP Cable (2.5M, 8.2ft.) 900RTC-H225
High Votage RTP Cable (5.0M, 16.4ft.) 900RTC-H250
LV RTP Cable (32/16 channel) (1.0M, 3.28ft) 900RTC-3410
LV RTP Cable (32/16 channel) (2.5M, 8.2ft) 900RTC-3425
LV RTP Cable (32/16 channel) (5.0M, 16.4ft) 900RTC-3450
8 ch A/O RTP Cable (1.0M, 3.3ft) 900RTC-BA10
8 ch A/O RTP Cable (2.5M, 8.2ft) 900RTC-BA25
8 ch A/O RTP Cable (5.0M, 16.4ft) 900RTC-BA50
Filler Block Terminal Cover 900TNF-0200
Shield Terminal Strip (package of 2) 900TSS-0001
Terminal board jumpers (10, two pos jumpers) 900J02-0001
Terminal board jumpers (10, ten pos.jumpers) 900J10-0001
Full Document set on CD 900ME1-0060-00
Full Document set on CD - SIL 900ME1S-0060-00
Designer Config. Software CD (with Matrikon OPC Server) 900W01-0060-00
Utilities Software/Documentation CD 900W02-0060-00
Historian Software w Documentation 50045756-001


Kits Part Number
900 I/O Module Insert Label Kit 51452262-503
Replacement Battery Kit 51500638-501
Redundant Power, Rack Extension Kit 900RPE-0200
Accessories Part Number
Ethernet Cable (10 feet) 51451432-010
Ethernet Cable (20 feet) 51451432-020
Ethernet Cross-over Cable (20 feet) * 51451996-020
RS 232 Serial Cable (PC to HC900 serial port) 50004820-501
250 ohm Shunt Resistor Kit ( (8/pkg.) 51205995-501
Industrial Ethernet Switch  (8 Ports) 50008930-001
24 VDC Power Supply (2.5A)**** 50047098-001
USB to RS-485 Dongle ** 50089787-501

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