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Flame detection performance – effective viewing distance?

At present flame detector performance is usually measured using a standard test fire (usually 0.09 m2 n-heptane fire) in ideal conditions and recording the maximum distance at which a unit responds to the fire, for a given sensitivity setting. The ability for a detector to reject false alarm sources is also usually tested, what is not universally tested is the detector response to a standard fire in the presence of various false alarm stimuli.



An innovative flame detector solution for helidecks and aircraft hangars

Applications that demand heightened immunity to false alarms include the use of helicopters offshore and aircraft hangars, both military and commercial. The Civil Aviation Authority publication CAP 437 ‘Standards for offshore helicopter landing areas’ has become an accepted worldwide source of reference. The latest edition, 8.2 July 2021,1 maintains its position as one of the go-to documents for helicopter safety offshore.



A cool flame detector for helidecks, aircraft hangars & road tanker loading

Fire & Gas Detection Technologies Inc. (FGD), the true innovators in optical flame detection, focus on the daily challenges that impact productivity, safety and the bottom line with innovative solutions that reduce false alarms in the most challenging of applications. Applications that demand heightened immunity to false alarms include helidecks, aircraft hangars for storage and maintenance operations as well as road tanker loading islands.



Optical flame detection and field of view

Many flame detector manufacturers look to develop products with unique specifiable features that customers value. As part of the product development cycle, engineering specifications are developed to make it challenging for other manufacturers to match the specification. As with most things in life, a balance needs to be found between universal parameters that are needed for basic functionality whilst establishing a set of ‘device specific’ characteristics that other manufacturers find difficult to match.



Flame detector selection Part 2 – design considerations

Part One of our flame detection guide provided some pointers for the selection of flame detectors based on the sensing technology employed. This second article sets out some design considerations for your flame detection system. Broadly speaking, these considerations fall into the following categories: the application, the detector and the installation design criteria.



Flame detector selection: Part 1 – detection technologies

This is the first of a two-part article where we provide pointers for flame detector selection, based on the detection technologies used and application. For decades, radiant energy-sensing flame detectors have been applied as optical fire detectors for industrial and commercial facility fire protection.



Best Performing IR3 flame detector on the market

Now, you no longer have to compromise. When every second counts, you can select the fastest and the best performing IR3 Flame detector



Setting The Standard For Pressure Level Transmitter Isolation Valves

HTH Technology become exclusive distributor for Indutech Isolation Valve for Vietnam Market



What Are Room Pressure Monitors and Where Are They Used?

Room pressure monitors are devices that monitor differential pressure between two rooms or areas. Differential pressure is the difference of two pressures being sensed.



[New Product Highlight] StabiliSENSE™ Critical Room Pressure Monitor | Series RPMC

The Dwyer team recently released the StabiliSENSE™ critical room pressure monitor, Series RPMC. This series is ideal for critical low differential room pressure applications, such as: clean manufacturing areas, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, research labs, and vivariums.



Dust Collector Timer Controllers

There are several different component parts that go into a dust collector for monitoring and control purposes. In this article, we are going to focus on timer boards. We will be comparing and contrasting a few of our timer boards, as well as discussing how we could help you to better protect your equipment in the most cost-effective manner.



Air Velocity and Flow Measurement with Pitot Tubes

Dwyer offers many styles of Pitot tubes. Pitot tubes are commonly used sensors for monitoring air velocity and flow rate in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Some examples include the: Stainless Steel Pitot Tube Series 160, Telescoping Stainless Steel Pitot Tube Series 166T, and “S” Type Stainless Steel Pitot Tube Series 160S.

HTH TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Công Ty TNHH Thương mại Dịch Vụ Công Nghệ HTH

HTH TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, Công Ty TNHH Thương mại Dịch Vụ Công Nghệ HTH

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